Our Mission: For every single kid in Australia to have access to a high-quality education.

The current system within our states, country, world isn’t set up for everyone to have equal opportunity

We need to be able to shine a light on the places where inequities exist. Data can be very powerful for that. Being able to point to evidence allows for a very grounded conversation in what needs to get better.

Nobody is inspired by a 'data inquiry process' in and of itself.

If you get people to think about what their individual ‘why’ and what our shared ‘why’ as a school or as a system, and what brought us all into education in the first place, I bet it wasn’t data.

It was because we believed that education can be a really powerful lever for increasing equity in this world. For developing students that are capable of solving the problems. That will give us a more just and liveable planet. If we can tap into that ‘why’, then data becomes a tool. A tool for serving a purpose as opposed to an end in it of itself.

Our services

Strategic Management: Prepare your SSP, AIP using Edapt Data Analytics to measure impact of programs

Strategic Management: Improve Differentiated School Performance ranking

Strategic Management: Implement Edapt's Maturity Model to visualise and measure team’s progression in adopting collaborative inquiry practices

Leadership coaching: Empower instructional and learning area leaders to become change agents for collaborative inquiry practices

Team coaching: Coach teams to maturity, from Emerging through to Excelling in collaborative inquiry practices

The Team

Our team has high regard for culture and strategy and therefore seeks to co-design and collaborate with you, working within your context, to support your commitment to improving student outcomes.

Christopher Hoang
Data Coach
Andrew Wong
Data Scientist
PK Heng
Software Engineer
Neel Patel
Software Engineer