We believe every single kid deserves a really high-quality education. The current system within our states, country, world isn’t set up for everyone to have equal opportunity

We need to be able to shine a light on the places where inequities exist and data can be very powerful for that, in terms of giving people some kind of incontrovertible evidence that either certain subgroups are underperforming or children with disabilities are not able to achieve the levels that we know they could or should be able to. Being able to point to evidence allows for a very grounded conversation in what needs to get better.

Nobody is inspired by a data inquiry process in and of itself. If you can get people to think about what are each person’s individual ‘why’ and what our shared ‘why’ as a school or as a system, what brought us all into education in the first place, I bet it wasn’t data. [contact-form-7 id="42" title="Contact form 1"]

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