Extensive real-time student and classroom profiles

Student competencies aren’t black-and-white. Edapt profiles each classroom’s performance as well as every individual student’s literacy, numeracy, work habits and attendance to build a holistic picture of their status.


Assess trends, changes and intervention outcomes

Progress is easier to measure with the right data and tools. In just a few clicks, Edapt lets you flag common behaviours in students, create segments for followup actions and evaluate post-action results.


Fast, user-friendly and data-based

Edapt is secure, easy-to-use and removes hours of manual work. Teachers from all levels can draw from the data to plan and collaborate with students, set learning goals and minimise poor behaviour.

Edapt is an all-in-one platform for the data you need most

Early Warning
Whole Child
Career Readiness
Behaviour & Discipline
Social & Emotional Learning

Edapt has helped in guiding and coaching myself and members of my PLC to think deeply about how we can use data to help our students grow.

Nameer Hana, Year 9 PLC Leader