Post the pandemic, why is data going to be important for schools?

Katherine July 15, 2018


Learning is an integral part of a child’s formative years as it helps to shape one’s thinking process. Most of a child’s life during this period is spent at school, therefore what children do at school can have a huge impact on their development.

 One of the main challenges in the Australian education system is that teachers don’t have sufficient information about each individual student to make informed teaching decisions. Schools have invested heavily on technological solutions and advancements but what’s missing is the ability to synthesize all of this information and make sense of it. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote learning became the new mode of teaching which created a growing concern in parents about their children’s education. These changes have catalysed schools to rethink the way they do things. 

Learning culture and real-time data go hand in hand when unlocking a student’s full potential. To date, teaching practices still tend to rely heavily on traditional methods that focus on students’ academic results rather than looking holistically at the whole child. However, schools are slowly shifting their mindsets around learning practices and the need to look beyond academic results, bringing more information about the student into their planning practices to become more student-centric practitioners.

Student data has always been available to the schools but is often locked away in all of the different systems that schools use. Since there is no centralized system to compile all of this information, it becomes a time-consuming process for teachers and educators to collate, synthesize and provide an overview report of individual student performance.


How is Edapt Education creating a change in the Education System?


In recognising this problem, the team at Edapt Education have worked alongside schools to develop a better way to collect and centralise data. The platform collates data from different data sources, integrates the information, and provides a visual representation of student insights for teachers to make better-informed decisions.

Acting on the insights gathered, teachers and leaders can make decisions that better meet the needs of every student.

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