The gap between government funding and student success

Katherine July 15, 2018


Photo by Kyle Gregory Devaras on Unsplash

It’s always the right time to talk about education. Considering what happened throughout 2020, the conversation has gained even more attention than before. Many countries are now scrambling to fix the mess of last year in any way they can.

The government actually spends a lot on education.


The truth is, the Australian government does spend quite a lot of money on education, and it’s growing every year. Take for example the $250 million or so dollars that will be spent this year in Victoria alone on the Tutor Learning Initiative, a government initiative developed to provide extra classroom support for students most impacted by the school shutdowns last year.

This is not the first time that the government has spent a lot of money on initiatives to boost student outcomes – there are many other projects that are currently in flight with the same purpose. So why aren’t we experiencing astronomical results?

Schools aren’t entirely sure of what to do.


Giving schools money and autonomy to develop their own implementation is a good idea; especially considering they know their students best. However, it also presents a major challenge – what do they actually do?

Through our work with schools, we’ve come to realise that schools have plenty of data points to understand the needs of students. The difficulties around new programs and initiatives are mostly centred around:

  • the day to day implementation/operations
  • tracking of student progress
  • measuring impact

Given that the ‘teaching time’ is constant, this means that schools are spending most of the time they have trying to figure out what to do and rather than really understanding their impact.

Schools just need a little more direction and support.


Our teachers and leaders have the skills and expertise to have a large impact. All they need is a little extra support to see what success looks like and guidance on how to get there.

Working alongside our educators is a great way to start.


Who are we?

Edapt is Melbourne-based startup that was born out of a need faced by many educators and leaders. We have developed a platform that collates all of the available student data into an easy to understand place so that educators can better understand their students, and use this knowledge to develop highly effective initiatives that improve student outcomes.


Ps. If you’re a school leader who wants to understand how to better use student data to plan and monitor student initiatives, contact us here – we’d love to help.


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