What is the Student Insights Platform all about?

Katherine July 15, 2018


Schools have always been the doorway to learning and excellence, yet they sometimes struggle to understand how to assess each individual student.

Traditional approaches to assessing student learning focus on academic results, often forgetting about other important factors that contribute to student success, for example, student wellbeing. By doing so, schools are not able to identify the challenges that students face in their subjects, keep track of their progress, and develop effective pathways for improvement. 


                                                       Photo by Antenna on Unsplash


At Edapt Education, we believe in bridging this gap and providing a roadmap for schools, educators as well as parents. Our Student Insights Platform, developed alongside teachers and leaders, was created to give educators and leaders a clear snapshot of how students are progressing. By collating data from all of the different tools that schools use, we have created a platform that schools can use to derive meaningful insights about their students in a way that helps teachers and teachers to make more data-informed decisions about how to support their students.

 The platform allows schools to:

  • Quickly analyze behavioral patterns of students to address pertinent issues quickly.
  • Create learning programs that meet the students at their point of need.
  • Have a digital data wall that gives a quick snapshot of the progress of an individual, a whole class, and even a year level.
  • Develop and track student interventions monitor the effectiveness of such interventions.

Essentially, our Student Insights Platform gives schools the clarity they have been looking for.

To learn more about how this platform can work for your school, visit our website https://edapt.education/ to book a demo.


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